Welcome to week 2 of your One Month Mindset Makeover! 


Our intention and all of our journal prompts for the week will be based off the quote below: 


"If you're going to blame someone for all of the shit, you better blame them for the GOOD too."

-Tony Robbins


Now- this quote was originally intended to discuss how we blame people for all of our hardships, but we rarely celebrate the good things they've done for us. But because this is a challenge about YOU- I want you to use this quote in reference (mostly) to yourself. Because we just dug up some thoughts, beliefs and habits that truly keep us stuck in victim mindset and "stinking thinking". 

But if we can blame ourselves for the "bad", then that also would mean that we are responsible for our light. It means we can, at any moment, take our lives back, our minds back, and cultivate the good. 

If our habits and thoughts could create a negative situation, it would make sense that they could also create a BETTER situation. In fact- it would make sense that we could technically create whatever life we want to live.

So since we spent last week kind of rolling around in the muck: the stuff we DON’T like. It’s time to start rewriting the story. Now that you have a clearer picture of how you in fact are responsible for your circumstances, it’s time to flip the script a bit. Because all that has happened is we have misguided our attention to placing all of our power on things outside of us, and now we realize we have in fact been in charge all along. So we need to shift our perspective and stop focusing on the things we DON’T want, and start rewriting our scripts to focus on what we DO.


Here are the journaling prompts for Week 2:

Download and Print them Here

Day 1:

What thoughts/beliefs would you LIKE to have about yourself and your life?


Write out your new story using only positive words. Who are you? What do you like to do? How do you treat others? How do you treat yourself? (These should also include things you ALREADY are.)

Day 3:

What is one short term goal that you would like to accomplish within the next 30 days? What is your "why"?

Write out a roadmap to achieving it.

Day 4: 

What obstacles do you foresee standing in the way? How can can you overcome them?

Day 5:

What are your greatest skills and accomplishments? (Start with 10- you can continue to add to the list as the time goes on.)

Day 6: 

Write about someone in your life who is one of your greatest (tor)mentors. How do you believe they have hurt you? 

Now: If everything is a lesson- what have they taught you? And therefore, how have they helped you?