Welcome to Week 3 of your 1 Month Mindset Makeover! 

Our intention and all of our journal prompts for the week will be based off the quote below: 


"More than fill the space you're in." 

We can’t move on to bigger and better things in our lives, until we show up for and express gratitude in the ones we are already in. This week is all about gratitude.

Here are the Journaling Prompts for Week 3: 

(Download and Print them here)

 We have already been writing gratitude lists daily; now we are going to dive a little deeper.

Day 1:

Where in your life have you taken someone for granted? Write a letter to them in your journal expressing how you feel and your gratitude to them. (Feel free to write this for more than one person.)

Day 2: 

What objects in your life are you ungrateful for? If you didn’t have access to them, how would your life be different? (Your job, your car, your “old” cellphone, etc)

Day 3: 

What gifts do you have that you haven’t expressed gratitude for? What do you hold back within yourself, because you don’t see it’s value?

Day 4: 

What do you love about yourself? (You have to pick 5 things- I don’t care how hard it is) Why do you love these things?

Day 5: 

How could you be more present in your job, your marriage, your family, your relationships, your friendships- to show them how grateful you were.

Day 6: 

Spend a few minutes writing out your gratitude list for today. Once you’re done… sit quietly with each item. Spend a few minutes with each one- FEEL what it feels like in your body when you think of it, feel the joy, feel the love...sit with it and hold it in your mind for a minute before moving on to the next one. Step into actually FEELING the gratitude when you write your list from here on out. How did this go for you today? Was it different than just writing down 3 things on a list?