The Anti Diet Solution

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I've spent 20 years of my life hustling for my own self worth. 

I've tried countless diets. Over 50 different exercise methodologies. 

I've restricted and  I've binged.

I've attained nutrition certifications and become a fitness coach. 

I have tried to out run, out starve, and outwit the extra inches on my waist and the not so innocent jiggle on my arms. 

Because I thought those things would all make me love myself. 

All they did were give me more reasons to not to. 


Which was why I decided to ditch the diet. And why I decided to change the way I looked at myself instead of changing the body I was looking at. 

Though I realized, I wasn't alone. In the 6 years I've spent coaching people in nutrition and exercise, I realized most of them were all doing the same thing I was. (Which was why I become a mentor.) Diet and exercise weren't the answer: self acceptance was. 

And while everyone isn't ready for mentoring; everyone deserves a chance at making a beginning towards freeing themselves from the chains of diet culture and a society that tells you to feel beautiful, you must look a certain way. 

So I made this e-book; and started a community for everyone who purchases it. A community where you can get continued coaching, inspiration and an opportunity for monthly Facebook Lives where I will answer your questions and offer you insights and coaching... for just $14 

This is not a discount or a sale price...this is the cost for the e-book and lifetime access to this community of people trying to change their lives.  I truly want you to be able to start to change the way you look at yourself, for a price that will make it impossible to refuse. 

So what are you waiting for? Ditch the diet with me and make it your mission to love yourself this year. 

Let's start a revolution.