Kristen Hubbard


I should not be here...but I am. 

To be honest: I hated my self. I was ashamed of my sexuality. I hated my body and the face I saw in my reflection. I was in a marriage that was verbally abusive on both our parts. I was drinking my life away and to make matters worse, I was engaging in behaviors that were incredibly harmful.

And I thought it was everyone else's fault...

and that there was something wrong with me that made me feel this way. 


At the age of 26, I officially got sober for the first time. At the age of 26, I finally took responsibility for my own happiness and my own self-love. 

What has followed has been 6 years of deep self- study. Of therapy. Of mentoring. Of coaching. Of growth. Of evolution. Of change. Of holding on and letting go. Or rewiring the way my brain works and the way I see the world. 

What followed my decision to get sober was changing the way I looked at the woman who was staring me back when I looked in the mirror- instead of always trying to change the woman I looked at. 

What followed was my path to understanding, I am good enough. Just as I am. 

That is why I mentor... that is why I write. Because I've been there. Because I needed people to show me what I couldn't see- I needed people to show me how to love myself. 

And now it's my turn to help others do the same.

But I'm not just a coach who will help you get your life together-

I am an advocate for your self-worth. 

The thing you've been denying yourself for far too long. 

So are you ready to take a good look at who you REALLY are, and learn to love the person staring back at you? 

 I'm not for everyone... and that's okay. But I might be for you. 

And there's really only one way to find out.