Kristen Hubbard

I KNOW you've got dreams. 

I KNOW they feel so big that they terrify you. 

So big that the "to do" list of how to achieve them grows SO massive...

that you do nothing.

You take NO action.


Get another certification.

Buy another webinar.

Stare at the television.

Scroll through Facebook.

Eat a pint of ice cream.

Go online shopping.

Clean your house.

Polish off *another* bottle of wine. 

Wait to feel "ready"... which NEVER happens.

Sound like anyone you know?




What if I told you that your dreams were within your reach;

That living the life you want to simply requires a redirection of thought

That to change your life, all you need to do is change your mind

That your goals are YOURS for the taking...all you have to do is just the next RIGHT thing, one thing at a time

What if you created a vision SO clear and SO large that it EXCITED you?

And what if you had a plan that showed you it was possible?

MY Story. 

My name is Kristen Hubbard, and my passion is helping people align their actions with their personal truths. It is helping people live *authentic* lives, no matter their circumstance. 

One morning, 6 years ago, at the age of 25- I woke up hungover, angry, confused and depressed. My wife wasn't speaking to me.(Again). There were wrappers from a fast food place thrown about the kitchen. (Again). I hated my job and was getting paid close to minimum wage. (Per Usual). I had sworn I wasn't going to drink a lot the night before, because I was trying to watch my weight (and arguably, my marriage). (Again.) So, I just sat there on the living room floor with this feeling of regret and a self loathing I couldn't begin to understand. (Again).

 While that morning wasn't very different from any other, it was the monotony of my misery, the aggravation of rubbing salt in the same old wounds, of playing the victim role, of somehow disappearing from my own life- again...that made me hit a bottom.

I understood that I drank to fill a void in myself that I couldn't quite explain. This yearning for something more...but I didn't know what that "more" was. And so I drank and I ate and I numbed to fill it over and over again... but that morning, for some reason- it just wasn't enough anymore. 

And the miracle that happened was this: I realized I couldn't do it alone. 

So I asked for help. 

What happened next was intense spiritual and mental education. Mentors, teachers, books, fellowship, documentaries, podcasts... you name it, I did it.

No sooner had I asked for help, did the Universe throw people and things in my path to light the way.

 I illuminated myself in it. I did the work, and I changed my mind.

 And I found that as I began to change my thoughts and my perspective, seemingly magically, the world around me changed as well. 

Or at least my experience of it. 

I would later go on to become a fitness coach. And then after that, I would become a certified Nutritional Therapist, coaching people with their eating habits. 

 And what I often found was that people were all sabotaging their desires in the name of escape, just like me. And so I would end up spending hours with them before and after class, talking about life, and offering them solutions, and a place to be seen.

Over time, I began to question if I was in the right field. People didn't need me for more fitness information. They didn't need me for more nutrition information.

People needed someone to listen to them, and to help point them in a direction that would lead them to their joy.

 It wasn't until I stepped back far enough from everything to get out of my own way, and looked at the bigger picture of my life, and the things I had always been drawn to, that I was able to gain the confidence to see and declare what that yearning had always been about. What my purpose always was. 

It's to help people, like you, who are just like me;

 stop standing in their own way and start walking towards the life, (the career, the business, the relationship) of their dreams. 

 It's to help you start SHOWING UP for yourself, and to begin living a life OF purpose, ON purpose. 

Don't you want to gain the confidence of knowing you CAN DO what you SAY you will do?

Don't you want to gain self-trust and self-discipline, so you can start achieving the things you've only been able to talk about up until this point?

Don't you want to stop doubting and undervaluing yourself, and start learning to value and love the person looking back at you in the mirror? 

Don't you think the very best time to do that, would be NOW?

Your life isn't going to wait for you to keep moving on.

You deserve more than you've been giving yourself...and you deserve it, regardless of the doubts that you have, this very moment. 

What are you waiting for?