Welcome to Week 1 of your 1 Month Mindset Makeover!

Our intention and all of our journal prompts for the week will be based off the quote below: 


"I am responsible for what [the world] I see"

- A Course In Miracles

So what does this mean? 

We are responsible for the world we see and the life we live.

Now- I’m not saying you like to play “the victim” ALL the time, but chances are, you’ve felt overwhelmed and victimized by your circumstances.

But... what about those people that were dealt some really gnarly cards and rose above it all to be successful, loving, and happy human beings? The difference between someone who overcomes hardship, and someone who is buried by it: Is the way they SEE themselves and their lives.

So, we aren’t looking at changing what we see on the movie screen here: we are looking at changing what is going on with the projector.

So let's get started on getting our projectors in order. 

Here are the Journaling Prompts for Week 1:

 (Download and print them here)

Day 1: 

What beliefs do I hold about myself or my life that feel “icky”? (I am fat. I quit everything. I can’t find a good job. I’m not smart. I’m not good enough. I’m a bad athlete. My parents hate me. My partner is going to leave me. etc.)

Day 2: 

How long have I held these beliefs? Where do I think they came from? 

Day 3:

What (or who) do I believe is holding me back from feeling the joy I want to feel or living the life I want to live?

Day 4: 

Who am I blaming for my own unhappiness? 

Day 5: 

What habits do I have that are holding me back from achieving my goals? 

Day 6: 

How have these habits and beliefs helped create the current situation with which I find myself in?