Are we REALLY Seeing what we Think we're Seeing?

Hey friends, 

I wanted to ask you a question... that I'm not so sure you're going to like. But real friends are honest. Real friends ask real questions. 

And, it's about a touchy subject. It's about that thing you think is happening to you: your life. 

Are you SURE it's really happening the way you THINK it's happening? 

That's right- are you sure your version of "reality" is actually Reality? 

Now- before you "X" out of this page, let me explain myself. 

Many physicists and neuroscientists are now (and have been saying for a while) that our experience of life is actually a  hallucination of sorts.  As Anil Seth stated in his recent (and brilliant) TED Tallk, "Our brain hallucinates our conscious reality." 

And while I could get into the science of all of that: that isn't my jam. 

But what IS my jam (besides seedless raspberry jam, am I right?) is what that MEANS for you and I. 

What that means is that what we THINK we are experiencing, isn't actually reality. It is a projection of our mind, utilizing the feedback of our past combined with what our brain believes is the image that will help us make decisions that allow us to survive. 

"So wait, Kristen- what you're saying is that I can change the world that I am seeing in front of me?"

Why yes, my friend... I thought you'd never ask. 

If our brain is constantly interpreting the images it is "seeing" in front of it and thus creating our experience of reality, 
It would be fair to say that if we changed the interpreter, we could change the interpretation. 

It's the difference between looking in the mirror and having self acceptance, and looking in the mirror and wincing with disgust. 

It's the difference between constantly defending and attacking your partner, and hearing them with love and opening up space for them to do the same. 

It's the difference between believing that money is hard to come by and that you have to struggle, and that money is the most accessible resource and you already have an abundance of it. 

It's the difference between feeling victimized and helpless in the way your life plays out- and feeling empowered and in control. 

Now, wouldn't it be nice to start to understand how to start changing that interpretation thing we've got going on? 

That is exactly what I do when I work with clients in a one on one coaching setting. 

It's not some pseudo science rooted in commercialized spirituality: it is the truth. I am constantly working with my clients to reframe their thoughts and reinterpret what it is they BELIEVE that they're seeing. 

But I had this thought: 

I know you might not think you're ready for coaching. I know you might want to take the leap but you've told yourself you don't have the money. (Which is also just another belief that keeps you stuck). I know you aren't sure if we would be a good fit, or if you have the time. Or even believe that this is possible...

 I kept thinking, "How can I still help you?" 

And so- I came up with this idea. 

What if I did a one month mindset makeover? Like a 30 day challenge, but for your mind?!

And in that moment I saw the possibility to help you on your journey to start changing the way you see the things around you. To start questioning your version of reality- and realizing that there are infinite other possible "realities" you could be experiencing. 

So here it is,
My One Month Mindset Makeover. 

I will be running the first one beginning on Monday, October the time to sign up is getting close. 

If there is even an inkling, a "hmmmm", a "Wait- maybe there IS another way" in you- I urge you to take the leap. That is your mind already opening up an opportunity to experience the world in a way that is different. More joyful. More empowerment. More success. More kindness. More love. More fulfillment. 

And if your gut is saying "I want to do this." and you slam the door in it's face, aren't you arguing for your current experience of the world and your limitations in that denial alone? 
Wouldn't that be evidence enough- that perhaps there is merit to what I am saying. Perhaps you just created the world you saw- a world where there is no way to change it. And so maybe....just maybe... you could create one in which you could. 

<3 Kristen

Kristen Hubbard