Are you trusting your gut? Or is that your fear you're listening to?

It's been an interesting few weeks over here on my end... and because I so often use happenings in my personal life as "content" for the writing I put out, it's safe to say I have some good newsletters and blogs coming along. 

But today I wanted to talk about one thing in particular- 
I want to talk about instincts.  

You know what I mean, right? That gut feeling we get when we decide we want to write that e-mail, or pick up the phone. The part of us that has an inspired idea for what kind of package to offer, or what kind of new challenge to launch. The part of us that asks for help and goes to pick up the phone.
Sometimes it's the part of us that says, "Something isn't right... he's acting differently." , "My body just feels off, maybe I should call the doctor," , or "Did you check the front door? I don't think it's locked." 

We all have instincts... we are designed to have a knowing of how to navigate our lives and seek what is in our best interest.

It has been my mission over the last few years to learn to trust those instincts... 

It's why I write personal narratives that make other people go "Why would you say such personal stuff on social media?!". Why I launched a website before I felt ready. Why I left my marriage. Why I got back into coaching. I just had those gut feelings that wouldn't go away, no matter how many times I had reasons to NOT do what they told me to do. 

And in learning to trust my instincts and take action on them; my life has changed dramatically. I have realized dreams, I have found more joy in my life and I have begun to build a career that is absolutely everything I have ever wanted it to be. 

But here's the thing, the thing I REALLY want to talk about. 

Because how many of us have that instinct- that insightful thought that tells us exactly what we need to know- and then shove it back down. 

How many of us get that gut feeling, but then sit on the action. We wait...and suddenly, new information arises. We start to see what could go wrong. We think of all the reasons we can't do something. We procrastinate. We put it off. We play it safe. We choose "comfort" over courage...

And then we confuse the fear that we chose with our instinct...and think we are just trusting ourselves. 

Let me tell you something friends, when you deny that the inspired thought or feeling that came up- the one that felt like the truth, or brought you joy, or showed you a way out of the mess you have found yourself in... when you deny it, you are not trusting yourself. You are betraying yourself. 

So my challenge to you is this: listen closely to the things that keep pulling you. Pick up the phone when someone comes to your mind. Put yourself out there when you have a new idea. Take a leap when you aren't guaranteed the results. Leave the relationship that you know isn't right. 

I am not saying take impulsive and reckless action, but I am saying to stop playing by the rules you think will keep you safe. Trust that there is something in you that knows what's best for you, and start to practice listening to it. Build trust with it. Learn to understand it. 

But for goodness sake- stop pretending it doesn't exist. And most importantly- stop confusing your fear with trusting your gut.
Fear might keep you comfortable- but it won't set you free. And while yes, I love being comfortable- there is nothing quite like living live in a way that has freedom and joy at the forefront. 

Now it's your turn- where in your life have you been mistaking trusting your fear with trusting your gut? Feel free to respond to this e-mail, I'd love to hear about where you think that's happening for you. 

<3 Kristen

Kristen Hubbard