Welcome to Week 4 of your 1 Month Mindset Makeover! 

Our intention and all of our journal prompts for the week will be based off the quote below: 


"The only thing you're not getting is the thing you're not giving." 

This quote is derived off of and inspired by a line/concept from A Course in Miracles. 


This is where the hard stuff comes in. We have seen how we are responsible for our situation. We have begun to change our mind about our situation, and we even have found sincere gratitude for our situation. But now it’s time to own that final piece: We can’t give what we don’t have, and we can’t have what we don’t give.


Week 4 Journaling Prompts:

(Download and Print them Here)


Day 1

-What are my 3 core values? (Honesty, compassion, kindness, authenticity, humor, integrity, etc)

Day 2 

- Where in your life do you fall short of displaying these core values to others in regard to how you relate to others?

Day 3 

- Where in your life do you fall short of displaying these core values in regard to how you treat yourself?

Day 4

- What do you feel like is missing most from other people in your relationships? What aren’t they giving you?

Day 5

- Are you giving this to them? Are you giving this to yourself? (Demanding respect, not getting it- not respecting yourself enough to walk away- etc)

Day 6 

- What are ways you could live more in alignment with your core values in your relationship to yourself, and daily?


Final Journal Prompts:

You know I can't just end it there- I love me some "closure"... so here are some final prompts to do in your own time, to ponder what you've learned, what's next, and what you might need to get there. I truly hope you have found some reward in this experience and begun to see things even just a little bit differently...

It has been my pleasure to ask you the same questions I ask myself- and the same questions that have helped me transform the way I experience this world. 

Until we meet again, my friends <3


(Download and Print Prompts Here) 

What have you learned in the last 4 weeks? Has your mindset shifted or become more open to other ways of thinking?

How will your daily practice continue from here?

Through all of this- what have you found to be the biggest thing that holds you back from living the life you want to live?

Is there something I (Kristen) can help you with on a more personal level to truly achieve your goals and your visions?



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