Welcome to your 1 Month Mindset Makeover!


I can't tell you how happy I am for you that you decided to take the chance and join this challenge. I make no guarantees on the outcome of your work, but what I do guarantee is if you are WILLING to look at choices you've made, thoughts you've believed, and circumstances you've created: you will see your world from a different point of view. 

This, the tough questions, is the beginning of the work that has helped me drastically change my life. From abusing alcohol, to staying in a miserable marriage, to feeling stuck in and helpless to be free of my own pain and suffering.

All of it was my choice...

 It was questions much like the ones I am asking you, and the support of people who were trying to change as well- that helped me get up off of my knees and begin to choose joy. 

This is only a beginning- albeit a mighty good beginning. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let's get started!


What you will need: 


Links to Weekly Modules

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What is suggested: 

Here are links to some resources that I have found incredibly helpful: 

Brene Brown's "Daring Greatly"                    Tony Robbins "I Am Not Your Guru"

"A Course in Miracles"                                      Joe Dispenza's "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself"

"The Power of Vulnerability"                          Anne Lamott's "Help, Thanks, Wow"

Simon Sinek                                                         


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Thank you <3 Kristen