How do we reach people? How do we find the hearts we were meant to connect with? How do we let them know we are here to serve?

We speak to them. 

But we don't always know how to. 

We have ideas. We have bursts of inspiration that we know we want to relay to our tribes...

But when it comes time to put pen to paper- we freeze. 

We overanalyze ourselves and criticize our writing skills. 

We know we could be spending our time on other tasks to build our businesses and expand our reach...

And so we just skim over or avoid doing the 1 thing we know we could do to get into our dream client's heart...

Using words to share our story 

(You know- the one that sounds an awful lot like theirs.)



I am here to bridge the gap between the message you were born to share and the person who needs to hear it most. 

I am a freelance writer for heart based entrepreneurs using their life's work to do good in the world by helping others. 


Services Offered: 

  • Content Copy Writing (blogs, newsletters, articles, website copy)
  • Podcast show notes 
  • Editing 
  • Books & E-Books


Are you ready to reach your tribe and connect to them on a deeper level? 

Are you looking to provide more content and more tools for them to add value? 

Are you being asked to contribute to an online or print publisher and looking for someone to ghostwrite for you?